Mooring Spring Sider Marine MPP/T-015


Patented stainless steel Mooring Spring ,specific high-performance, silenced inserts replaceable friction, highly resistant to marine corrosion and perfectly adaptable to different loads of stress, thanks to the wide range of sizes.

TOP STANDARD VERSION with cover cup in stainless steel and with 8 insert Mollaflex-Elastomer, increase damping load. This shock absorbers is absolutely suitable for boat up to 50 Mt

The overall cushioning, to 60-70%, is given by the compression of the spring, made in a special alloy of stainless steel, high elasticity and in conditions of greater stress intevenes Mollaflex-Elastomer component.


Boat Length: 25 to 35 meters; max to 50 meters
Spring Diameter: 15 mm
Damping Force: 1,450 Kg.
Breaking Load: 35,000 Kg.
Diameter: 94