Mooring Spring Sider Marine MPP/T-010


Patented stainless steel spring Mooring specific high-performance, silenced inserts replaceable anti-friction, highly resistant to marine corrosion and perfectly adaptable to different loads of stress, thanks to the wide range of sizes.

TOP STANDARD VERSION with 4 insert Mollaflex-Elastomer -increased damping load.

The overall cushioning, to 60-70 %, is gien by the compression of the spring, made in a special alloy of stainless steel, high elasticity, and in conditions of greater stress intervenes Mollaflex-Elastomer component.


Boat Length: 10 to 16 meters
Spring Diameter: 10 mm
Damping Force: 470 Kg.
Breaking Load: 10,000 Kg.
Diameter: 80