Fendequip Fender Hooks

Manufactured from top quality stainless steel, leather and sheepskin, Fendequip fender Hooks are the last word in style and protection and ensure that all the hard work you put into making sure your yacht is in first class condition is protected day to day.

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Fender Hooks are designed to allow fender lines to be easily attached to rails without the need for unsightly knots and removing the danger of polished rails being chafed or damaged by the ropes.


They are available in a number of configurations in Black, Navy or Tan leather.

Please see our dedicated website for our fender hooks www.maxiHooks.com

Quality & convenience built in!

  • Leather covering sheepskin lining
  • Simple quick fender height adjustment
  • 5mm aluminum bracket
  • Composite cam cleat and fairlead to lock in rope
  • Standard sizes to fit stainless steel handrails
  • Standard sizes to fit teak hand rails and bulwarks
  • Bespoke fender Hooks made to your specification