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About me

Hi everyone, I’m Viola and I’m a 9 years old girl well I’m going to be 10 soon, my passions are dancing, drawing and fashion even if I like to change a lot, do you stay five hours in the morning to choose what to wear?

Well, I do, contact me and I will answer you back and you know what, we may even become friends.

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Magic ⛵🌊

I have a wonderful light blue sailing boat and I love the sea, what do you prefer mermaid/fairy/witch/gnomes or wizards contact me and I’ll be happy to see.


My Community Project “HeartH”

I’m preparing a community project “HeartH” … Well, you may be saying OMG she spelt it wrong well no because it’s a mix of hearth and earth so here we are HeartH.


disegno schema HeartH


I’m going to make a group to save the world by making charity or cleaning the sea etc.

Technology 🖥️📱📶

It is from when I was small that I wanted to change the world, I love nature but people play video games instead of looking at their surrounding. Even I like technology, but without exaggerating.

To the world 🤝🙋

If everyone does their part nature will be back again, that’s why will do demonstrations asking some coins to make good actions, just some coins to save the world.

Mother Nature 🌈🌊🐝🐞⚡

I would like to represent the new generation of mother nature in flesh and blood.

Expanding 👫👭

I would like to start with 2/3 friends and then expand it in more kids, I will get some people I know from other parts of the world to be the leaders of the group in that city.
It’s really difficult to do everything, but when I want to do something I just do it.

Join the group 💪😍

If you want to be part of the group contact me I’ll be happy to welcome you, don’t be shy, I’ll give you more information when you contact me, both boys and girls can join and whatever age they have, but remember to ask your parents.

For now, I’m only in Malta, but if I expand it I’ll keep you informed.

Video 🤳

Send me a video of you doing something good to the world and I will be happy to see it.

A funny mascot

Wait a second I didn’t talk to you about our mascot Skype my beautiful rabbit, isn’t it funny a rabbit as a mascot?

viola project



For now, everyone has to stay home to be safe so our group is going to meet online and if you are bored even you can play with your friends online. Covid-19 can’t stop our creativity.
Stay home, stay safe

*•.¸♡ Viola ♡¸.•*

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